:: Rudbar Lorestan

Construction of the access road to the dam of rudbar lorestan

Rudbar lorstan dam access road is located in the southern part of the Aligudarz city between the mountains of Aab-sefid waterfalls. This project due to unfavorable climate is located in impassable situation. The project has two lane asphalted way with a length of 60 Km and 4 tunnels with total length of 3600 m . It should be noted that technical and executive teams could open tunnels is shortest time to the path of rudbar Dam and it s power plant

Project Details
Description Amount Unit
Excavation 5077000 Cubic Meter
Embankment 5092000 Cubic Meter
Reinforcment 2605000 Kilogram
Dig Tunnel 3650 Meter
Concrete 840248 Cubic Meter
Concrete RCC
51520 Cubic Meter
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ساعت و تاریخ : 06:38- 1400/7/4
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